Global Power Platform Bootcamp 2024

A Power Platform Festival

This is a free, event driven by user groups and communities around the world, for anyone who wants to learn more about Microsoft’s Power Platform. In this boot camp we will deep-dive into Microsoft’s Power Platform stack with hands-on sessions and labs, delivered to you by the experts and community leaders.

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February 23 - 24, 2024

Accra, Ghana

Accra, Ghana

Ahmedabad, India

Alicante, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Bengaluru, India

Berlin, Berlin

Bogotá, Colombia

Bonn, Germany

Brussels, Belgium

Calgary, Canada

Chimbote, Perú

Concepcion, Chile

Gurgaon, India

Hamburg, Deutschland

Hyderabad , India

Kathmandu, Nepal

Kuala lumpur, Malaysia

Lagos, Nigeria

Lima, Perú

Lima, Peru

London, United Kingdom

Madrid, Spain

Makati, Philippines

Malaga, Spain

Melbourne, Australia

Memphis, United States

Milan, Italia

Moscow, Russia

Nashville, USA

Ottawa, Canada

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Philadelphia, United States

Pune, India

São Paulo, Brazil

Sapporo, Japan

Singapore, Singapore

Sofia, Bulgaria

South Florida, United states

Sydney, Australia

Toronto, Canada

Valladolid, Spain

Wellington, New Zealand

Zaragoza, España